As our clients’ needs are growing, we understand that they are always looking for partners with the right mix of talent, experience and expertise across the required sectors in quick time. We help ensure that the right distribution solution is implemented successfully making delivery faster, easier and cheaper for enterprises and businesses.

We strive to be a Distribution partner who understands your unique business needs and only delivers
quality courier solutions.


Packaging and Labeling:

Jemi Courier offers its customers Jemi-branded packaging items such as envelopes, small boxes, and a range of industry packaging for specialized customer needs such as Thermal Packaging for sending diagnostic specimens, Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop boxes in certain markets for high value contents that require sturdy protection.

A payable range of other standard Jemi-branded packaging is also available such as:

  • Larger boxes for sending heavier goods
  • Triangular tubes for sending posters

Domestic Courier

The service covers principal towns and locations in the country.

Parcel Delivery

1. One-hour delivery
This is for areas within major towns or neighboring environs.

2. Same Day
The service is offered within selected urban, town, municipal and city boundaries and their environs (up to a radius of 45km). The items must be posted by 1pm to be delivered on the same day and its maximum acceptable weight is 50kg.

3. Two-day deliver
Jemi Courier provides economical door-to-door delivery within 2 days.

4. Overnight
Items accepted for delivery in any of the destination will be delivered in the shortest time within 24 hours.

Medical, Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical Transportation

Jemi Courier provides on-time delivery and customized supply chain solutions to medical equipment manufacturers, distributors, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical testing services and other healthcare providers. We deliver daily to hundreds of hospitals, clinics, patients at their homes, trade shows and special events worldwide.

Our services are ideal for customers that require creative and customized supply chain solutions in the following

  • Delivery of medical devices of all sizes and shapes to hospitals, clinics and residences.
  • Real time tracking of each segment of the transportation movement.
  • Documented Jemi training and SOP to insure the highest level of quality performance, reliability and on- time delivery.
  • Clinical trial distribution.
  • Cold Chain Solutions with customized containers and time-definite door-to-door delivery for delivery of vaccines, serums, sample diagnosis, blood samples or organs.
  • Secure and controlled access to shipment tracking and management reports.
  • Immediate electronic Proof of Delivery sent by our drivers using hand held devices with an instantaneous update to our system.
  • Complete turnkey Recovery and Return program of end of life, end of lease and redeployment of medical equipment.

Pick up & Return

This is where an important document or Parcel may be picked from one location and transported to another for either a signature/approval or processing and then transported back to the original sender.


Shipment preparation

If you are a seasonal or irregular shipper, Jemi Courier offers a convenient and on-demand service for shipment volumes that require short-term extra resources for their preparation. We manage the process of waybill preparation, content selection, labeling and paperwork, and then send the parcels to the addresses provided.

Non-standard Shipments/Dedicated Pickups & Deliveries

When sending an unusual shipment, Jemi Courier offers a number of pickup and delivery options that will cater to your needs when the normal courier service isn’t enough.

Our Dedicated Pickup and Delivery services provide specific vehicles or send more than one courier to meet the challenge. Your local Jemi Courier office can confirm if we have a solution for you at either the origin or destination. You can be rest assured that Jemi has a service to satisfy sending shipments of almost all shapes and sizes. Non-standard shipments are in excess of 70kg or one of its longest side in excess of 120cm. Additional charges are payable to cover the higher shipment handling costs.

Weekend Pickup & Delivery

When it seems that there are not enough days in the week, you can relax because Jemi Courier offers pickup and delivery options to and from certain markets. Whether it’s a Saturday Delivery, pickup on a Sunday or delivery during public holidays, your local Jemi Courier office can help explain what is possible.

Delivery Notification

Jemi Courier offers an electronic copy of the Receiver’s signature to verify proof of delivery of shipment. For extra peace of mind that your shipment has been delivered, Jemi Courier provides a proactive confirmation by email, phone or SMS, whichever is more convenient for you. Pickup notification can also be provided when importing goods from abroad.

Hold for Pick Up

At times, it may be easier for you to collect shipments from a Jemi courier managed Service Point rather than attempt delivery to uncertain address. Simply request the option at the time of booking and our Customer Service staff at destination will notify the Receiver when the shipment is ready for collection. Shipments are held for up to 6 calendar days free of charge.

If your shipment could not be delivered for an unexpected reason, Jemi Courier will on your instructions, hold the shipment for up to 6 calendar days after the first delivery attempt free of charge.

Thereafter charges apply.

Receiver Collect (RC Service)

Receiver Collect is where by, the Receiver commits to paying by cash or cash equivalent for all charges at the time of collecting the shipment from a Jemi Courier managed Service Point at destination. Transport rates are quoted at the time the Receiver makes a booking and the preferred Service Point is nominated at the same time.